!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HI CLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


look at this cool wolf!


look at this cool wolf!

im starting to feel depressed so ill get back to video games bbl

i didnt mean to publish that

i'm breaking up

please dont leave me ikea



man selfies are self-care fuck anyone who says you take too many pics of yourself TAKE ALLLLLL THE PICS OF YOURSELF look at yourself and appreciate yourself and love yourself physically too

favourite nicknames to give to swedes

- ikea
- pewdiepie

i told a friend to play the walking dead game so he watched pewdiepie play it -____-


So here it is, one last time and then I’ll leave you alone forever, if that’s what you decide.  I love you, Snow, and have since the hour we first met.  Hell, I wanted you even before then.  Since before we existed.  As if every movement of every star and planet, every tick of creation’s clock occurred only so that we could someday find each other.  I’m certainly no handsome prince, come to steal you away from all the cares of the world.  I can never offer you riches and palaces or any sort of luxury.  But I think you’ve had your fill of such things by now.  What I can offer you is a home in our valley, where we can raise our kids.  And I’m old-fashioned enough that I think we should be married to do it.